camille's favorite funny folks

find more groovy stuff about camille and the rest of the divas in the four bitchin' babes.

christine lavin is the undisputed queen of funny folk music and one of camille's all-time favorite performers. whether you're a bitchin' babe or a sensitive new age guy, you'll enjoy the off-beat perspective of this remarkable songwriter.

lou & peter berryman are the best thing to come out of wisconsin since sliced cheese. ya-hey! their cd "double yodel" is in camille's discman right now.

the humor project is a great organization that uses humor to inform and entertain.

folk music resources

caffe lena 47 phila street, saratoga springs, ny 12866  (518)583-0022caffé lena opened its doors in 1960. for the past four decades, musicians, writers, actors and those who appreciate what they do, have filled this wonderful space with music, drama, applause and love. lena's is the real thing. it's america's oldest continuously running coffeehouse-39 years young and still going strong. lena spencer created a home where veteran performers could find an audience and novices could hone their skills. the stage that has been graced by lena with pasha circa 1970. photo by joe alper. contact jackie alper musical legends (bob dylan, arlo guthrie, u. utah phillips) was also the stage where camille west learned her craft.
     lena spencer is no longer with us, but her caffé lives on as a not-for-profit organization run by those who's lives were touched by the woman and the music. in 1999 the caffé realized a decades old dream by purchasing the building that has housed it all these years. this assured that this folk music treasure will remain strong and continue to provide a home for future generations of musicians.

the folk music home page is a one-stop source for links to information on albums, artists, concert schedules, folk organizations, folk media and much, much more.

the fine folks at the folk project (northern new jersey) run the minstrel coffeehouse, festivals and special concerts.

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