camille west song lyrics
actually, camille writes her songs on yellow pads and records the music on a four track deck.

are you a musician who would like to perform your favorite camille west tune? or a fan trying to remember that song you heard in concert? whatever the reason, you've come to the right place. click on the link below for lyrics to some of camille's most popular songs. in the near future, we'll be adding guitar chords for all the songs. if you are looking for a song that is not listed here, go to camille's guestbook and let us know. we'll do our best to add it to the site.

legal stuff: all songs are ©camille west (bmi) and mother tongue music. camille wrote the words and music to everything here except "i'm dyslexic" (c. west, d. hitt, c. penk); "viagra® in the waters" and "toe to toe with the hmo (c. west, s. wodicka).

camille loves to have other musicians play her songs. all she asks is that you let people know who wrote the song. fair enough.

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