camille's song "viagra in the waters" hit #1 on the dr. demento funny fiveviagra in the waters funniest song for 2000!

attention dementos and dementites! it's official. thanks to your requests, camille's song viagra in the waters, is the number one song for the year 2000 on the nationally syndicated dr. demento show. camille's songs have been receiving heavy airplay from the good doctor and hit the "funny five" numerous times this year. on his december 31, 2000 show dr. demento named "viagra" the #1 song in this year's funny 25. barring a recount in florida, our camille is now the funniest songwriter in america! in addition, diva's day off received a rave review in the demento society news.

we've moved

a short while ago we were informed that was closing in late december, 2000. paul, michael and the rest of the crew have been a pleasure to work with. they created a rich community for independent musicians. we'll miss them and wish them success in their future endeavors.. 

fortunately, we've found some new friends to help us create a new home for this web site and to handle our on-line sales.  welcome to, our new distribution partner. they've bent over backwards to facilitate the transition and impressed us with their positive attitude.

diva's day off 
camille's new cd now available

start with a hundred supercharged fans, add a couple of gallons of espresso, some hilarious new songs, and one certified acoustic goddess. what do you get? diva's day off, a live cd that captures the intensity, warmth and comedic magic that 

camille west brings to the stage. this new cd was digitally recorded on february 6, 1999 at the legendary caffé lena in saratoga springs, ny. 

camille falls to pieces - experts puzzled

1999 winnipeg folk festival pictures

strange coincidence or extra-terrestrial fan?

the quiet of the english countryside was shattered recently when an unusual formation mysteriously appeared. according to local authorities, who requested that their names be withheld so people don't think them daft, a crop circle was spotted that bears an uncanny resemblance to american satirist and songwriter camille west. continued

camille joins the four bitchin' babes!

fourbabes350.jpg (11894 bytes)
you've seen them on tour. you've listened to their cds. you've watched them on cbs news "sunday morning." since 1997 camille has been one of them. for the past ten years, this acoustic super-group has performed for sold-out houses throughout north america. along the way they produced four acclaimed cd's and are preparing to release number five. the past and present members of the babes reads like a who's who of folk luminaries - christine lavin, sally fingerett, megon mcdonough, debi smith, patty larkin, julie ("from a distance") gold. guest babes have included mary travers, cheryl wheeler and janis ian.

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