"camille west - she's a galvanizing performer, smart as a whip, cute as a button, and clever to boot, why she puts the gal in galvanizing...i love her work!"
christine lavin

"west's comedic wit is right up there with the biggies of mirth -- people like dave barry and gary larson."
dirty linen

"west is a deft comic actress as well as a fine writer with a tom lehrer-esque knack for the cleverly forced rhyme... this woman was born to be a bitchin' babe…"
boston globe

"…comically kvetchy gems."
music matters review

"camille west proves intelligence, humor and music can still mix. mother tongue skewers everything with equal opportunity laughter."
rich warren-wfmt-fm chicago, il

"with a keen eye and a clever turn of a phrase, west manages to make the day-to-day difficulties of contemporary living sound like an absolute laugh riot."
albany times union

"a slew of musical styles, from folk balladry on the nervous wreck of edna fitzgerald to the dixieland jazz of candidate’s wife’s rag, map the depth of west’s wit. this is the work of an amazing mind, and a laugh a minute."
hudson valley magazine

"do you remember the insightful and hilarious lyrics of shel silverstein? and the current musicianship of the austin lounge lizards? camille west does and much, much more. the vortex which is suburbia (plus raising a handful of kids) has prepared her all too well for the task of presenting a moms-eye view of dentists, ocean cruises, and the psychic friends network. you’ll feel guilty for not enjoying this album when you had the chance."
david goodman-wmbr-fm cambridge, ma

"one of the wittiest comediennes making music today."
sonny ochs -- wrpi-fm

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