camille just got back from the 1999 winnipeg folk festival where she performed with the  four bitchin' babes. as you'll see in the photos, this is the largest folk festival in north america.

sally fingerett, megon mcdonough and camille west sing harmony during their mainstage concert

(from left 
to right) sally fingerett, megon mcdonough and camille west purse their lips in harmony during a song by debi smith (off camera left) during a main stage concert.

camille thinks, "hey, is that my third grade teacher back there? hello sister mary frances. whoops! that's the singing nun. she's on tomorrow night."camille checks out the size of the audience while megon takes her turn at the microphone.





camille thinks, "i hope they get the jokes up here in canada. hockey jokes...why can't i think of any hockey jokes?"here's camille and the babes doing an afternoon workshop.





camille thinks, "hey vance, we're all friends here, but watch those hands."the babes pose for a shot with vance gilbert who gave a great performance sunday night.




camille thinks, "did i remember to shut the iron off in the hotel room?"debi, sally, megon and camille sing "oh no" during a main stage concert.







camille thinks, "these winnipeg mosquitoes are huge. ouch! i guess it wouldn't be proper to scratch where that one just bit me."here's another shot from the main stage.







camille thinks, "why are the rest of the girls looking at me. did i forget a verse? is my zipper down? am i out of tune?"camille sings "viagra in the waters" to the delight of the audience.






debi and sally share a laugh.debi and sally sharing a laugh on stage.






camille thinks, "boy this stage is up high. hey, i think i can see my house from here."megon does her best pete townsend windmill guitar impression.






"i told you we should have left an hour earlier. didn't i tell you that. but you said, "there'll be plenty of good seats left." well you were wrong again."here's a view if the main stage from the back of the audience. that sure is a lot of people.




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